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Water Service Repair & Replacement

How Do I Know If I Need Water Service Repairs?

If your home was built before the mid 1960′s the water service line may be made of galvanized pipe which with age is susceptible to rusting through and causing a leak. If your home was built in the mid 1970’s and beyond then it is likely to be made of PVC, copper or polyethylene, which can be susceptible to damage by chemicals and shifting ground. A leaking water service line, if left alone may cause damage to your yard or even your homes foundation.

Delaware Plumbing Professionals Makes Water Replacement and Repair Painless for You.

Delaware Plumbing Professionals can quickly locate and repair or replace your water service. In many cases trench-less technology can be used and spare the cost, damage, and the mess of digging up your yard when water line replacement is deemed necessary.

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